Dental implants

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We are Hungarian Doctors of Dental Medicine and we specialize in durable and high quality dental implants . Hungary is called the World Capital of Dentistry because of its strict medical education system, especially in the field of dentistry.


Dental Implants

We specialize in high quality dental implants. Our Doctors of Dental Medicine are ones of the most qualified experts in Ireland. We work with with the best quality and most durable dental materials.

We are never satisfied with the second place.

Why would you be?



What we offer

Safe hands

Our lead medical doctor of dentistry is graduated at the University of Szeged in Hungary, one of the most recognized universities in Europe. As a Master of Dental Surgery, he returned to the university and teaches Medical Dentistry there. He confidently faces with such difficult dental procedures, that no one else would carry out successfully.

Guaranteed results

We do not take risks. Our experts are real professionals and we only work with the best quality dental materials. We are blessed every time we create a brand new, beautiful tooth out of nowhere and we make our patient’s smile perfect.

Reasonable Prices

The proper placement of the right dental implant have a huge impact on your wellbeing. It is something you will use every day throughout your life. We would not be able to guarantee this level of quality without the best dental materials. Therefore our prices are not the cheapest in the market but we still have way more reasonable prices than the Irish clinics.



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Why should you trust Hungarian Dentistry?

Because lots of Western European people do so. As we mentioned before, Hungary is called the World Capital of Dentistry. This diagram confirms that statement. It shows the receiving countries of the European dental tourism.

Dental tourism

Source: Why is Hungary the main destination country in dental tourism?

In case you would like to find out the exact reason for Hungary's popularity, check our subpage dedicated to this topic.


To Hungary from Ireland?

Your costs firmly depend on what kind of dental clinic you choose. Here is a demonstrative chart that shows the countries from which people travel to Hungary for a dental treatment:

Dental tourism

Source: Why is Hungary the main destination country in dental tourism?

As you can see 20% of Hungary's foreign patients are from Ireland. It is the second biggest number right after the United Kingdom. These percentages are far not in direct proportion with the numbers of these two countries' population.

% of Hungary's foreign patientsPopulation
Ireland20%6.4 Million people
United Kingdom30%64.7 Million people
The conclusion is that Irish people are really keen on asking Hungarian dental specialists for help when they face some kind of dental related problem.


What kind of options do you have?

  • You may choose an Irish dental clinic.
  • You may choose a Hungarian dental clinic and travel there.
  • You may choose us, as we combine the benefits of the previous alternatives.

Here is an example of a standard dental implant. Let the numbers speak for themselves:

Irish Dental Clinic Hungarian Dental Clinic Healthy Smiles Ireland
Fee of a dental implant € 1500 * € 500 * € 575
Travel cost - € 130 ** -
Accommodation - € 200 *** -
Total cost € 1500 € 830 € 575
Duration 1 hours 2 days 1 hours

*These are average numbers based on the fees of 10 different dental clinics in Irealnd and in Hungary.
**This is an average number based on the costs of 10 different offers of Hungarian hotels.
***This is an average number based on the costs of 5 different offers of Airline companies.

You save money and time with us.